Septic System Installation

    Septic System Installation

    Our systems start at $9,000*.  This include design and permit fees, materials, and labor.


    Leftover materials not used for back-fill will be left on-site, or hauled off at owner’s expense.  Haul-off fees depend on distance and how many loads need to be removed.

    We are upfront with the cost of our installations.  There are no hidden charges or fees.

    *Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please call for current information.  Written bids will be valid for 30-days.


    From the initial soil analysis to acquiring the necessary septic permits, design, and installation, we can do the job from start to finish.

    We realize that we are competing with other installers use the same systems, however, we make a few changes with our installation to help prolong the life of some parts of the system.


    Long term quality is our goal!