Septic System Maintenance

    We are able to provide septic maintenance service for all types of septic systems.


    Our septic service contract for maintenance is for 2 years. There will be 3 standard service visits per year, each visit has a flat charge.  An invoice will be sent after each visit.  If any equipment needs to be repaired or replaced, there will be additional costs.

    JET systems are $90.00/visit

    NORWECO systems are $100.00/visit

    All other systems are $80.00/visit.


    We are available for non-contract, emergency calls as well.

    I am a Certified Maintenance Provider, TCEQ MP #0682. I have maintained existing, and installed new, septic systems since I retired from the US Navy in 1996. I understand mechanical and electrical operations of most systems.  I am currently looking for customers who want someone to conscientiously maintain their On-Site Sewage System (septic system).


    Please compare my service philosophy with your current provider:

    1. I answer my phone and show up when needed. This includes weekends, except Sunday from 9:30am – 1:00pm.
    2. I bill after each visit, not one or two years in advance.
    3. Most minor repairs are done at no charge to you.
    4. I place the actual service date on the control box.
    5. I replace or rebuild septic pumps at cost plus $80.  I will place the repair date on the control panel.
    6. Spray heads are replaced at no charge if they fail naturally from time and use.
    7. I pull, inspect, and clean the effluent pump and pump strainer at least once a year.
    8. I add chlorine when none is present for cost plus $1.00.  If you have the chlorine there and readily available, I will add it at no charge to you.
    9. I will cancel the service contract anytime at the homeowner’s request.
    10. Retired seniors’ contract prices will not go up at 65 years old.


    If you would like me to provide the required maintenance for your system, please give me a call at (210)378-6096