Water Storage Tanks

    Concrete Tanks
    2 Ring tank (1800 gal) with 1/2 hp pump: $4500

    3 Ring tank (2800 gal) with 1/2 hp pump: $5000

    4 Ring tank (3750 gal) with 1/2 hp pump: $5800

    5 Ring tank (4700 gal) with 1/2 hp pump: $6700

    Poly Tanks
    550    gallon tank with 1/2 hp pump: $3000

    1100  gallon tank with 1/2 hp pump: $3250

    2500 gallon tank with 1/2 hp pump: $3500

    Always on the Level installs and maintains water storage tanks and boost pumps.

    My installations are different in the following ways:

    • I install an electronic alarm with audible and visible indications that your storage tank is at, or below, 50%
    • I install a valve arrangement that will allow you to get water from either the tank and boost pump or directly from the well.
    • When needed, I will install a breaker panel, a light, and electrical plug, and a heat strip to protect the pump from freezing.
    • I insulate the pipes from the tank to the pumps.

    The Benefits of Having a Water Storage Tank

    1. Less sediments in your tap water.  This helps to prolong the life of appliances.
    2. Water is aerated and gases are removed. (helps cut down odors, like the rotten egg smell from wells that have a higher sulfur content.)
    3. No need to buy bottled water during times of emergency.  You will have hundreds of gallons in the tank already stored.
    4. Well pump life is extended because it is not starting and stopping every time there is a water demand.
    5. Alarm will sound and light up when the water in the tank is at 50%, letting you know that there is a problem.
    6. If you have water delivered, you have a tank to put it in.